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Thematic Signals Vol. 7, #9

Thematic Signals Vol. 7, #9

Introducing the Thematic Signals Podcast

Welcome one and all!

We’re starting something new with Thematic Signals. Don’t worry, we’re not abandoning the ripped-from-the-headlines proof points that support our investment themes and strategies. Instead, we’re going to build on that by going one step further as Tematica’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Versace, and Head of Indexing, Mark Abssy, discuss some of those signals while weaving in other observations and data points along the way.

Sounds like a good conversation, and that’s what we’re aiming to deliver twice a month in a podcast or as we like to call them, a Tematicast (teh-matt-icast).

Below you’ll find the links to the articles we discuss in this edition of the Tematicast, and below you’ll find links to other recent Thematic Signals as well as those for our thematic indices. Thanks for tuning in and if you want to spread the word about what we’re doing, we wouldn’t mind that a bit.

Aging of the Population
Capturing the demographic wave of the aging population and the changing demands it brings with it:

Consumer Inflation Fighters
Companies poised to benefit as consumers stretch the disposable spending dollars they do have:

Luxury Buying Boom
Tapping into aspirational buying and affluent buyers amid rising global wealth:

Tematica Signals
Thematic Signals
Each week on the Thematic Signals podcast, we look to distill everyday noise into clear investing signals using our thematic lens and our 10 investing themes. On each episode, we not only discuss key events that are shaping the stock market, but we also look at key sign posts for the changing economic, demographic, psychographic, and technological landscapes that are driving the structural changes occurring around us. Hosted by Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace, this new podcast from Tematica Research replaces the previously published Cocktail Investing Podcast.