Dec 28, 2022 • 25M

Thematic Signals #45 Vol.6

Chatting Data Privacy & Digital Identity with Bio-Key International Chairman & CEO Michael DePasquale

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Traditionally, data privacy and the safeguarding of digital identity products and services have been lumped within the broader scope of Cybersecurity. Tematica recently launched the Tematica Bita Data Privacy and Digital Identity Index. It is our view that traditional cybersecurity is increasingly focused solely on the protection of large stores of data. Protecting personal privacy and digital identity data is more focused on what is known as Zero-Trust Environments or even passwordless access which help provide ring-fenced protection where humans, devices, and other devices can interact in a much more fluid environment. Bio-Key (BKYI) is an index constituent that we think best exemplifies the direction this emerging branch of cybersecurity is heading.

Just prior to the holiday, we had an opportunity to talk with Michael DePasquale from Bio-Key about the company, its products, solutions, and overall take on the state of digital identity. We came away with a strong story about a company that is a long-time leader in the biometrics space that has managed to not just keep up with trends, but help shape them. Further, as Bio-Key continues to evolve its products and services both organically and through acquisitions, it is also making strides to expand its geographic footprint.

Overall, this was a good conversation and hopefully is one of many as we continue to explore this and other thematic strategies.

Note: This conversation with Bio-Key is informational and is not investment advice.