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Thematic Signals Vol. 7, #9

Thematic Signals Vol. 7, #9

Welcome one and all!

We’re starting something new with Thematic Signals. Don’t worry, we’re not abandoning the ripped-from-the-headlines proof points that support our investment themes and strategies. Instead, we’re going to build on that by going one step further as Tematica’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Versace, and Head of Indexing, Mark Abssy, discuss some of those signals while weaving in other observations and data points along the way.

Sounds like a good conversation, and that’s what we’re aiming to deliver twice a month in a podcast or as we like to call them, a Tematicast (teh-matt-icast).

Below you’ll find the links to the articles we discuss in this edition of the Tematicast, and below you’ll find links to other recent Thematic Signals as well as those for our thematic indices. Thanks for tuning in and if you want to spread the word about what we’re doing, we wouldn’t mind that a bit.

Aging of the PopulationCapturing the demographic wave of the aging population and the changing demands it brings with it:

* Visual Capitalist takes a look at global demographics and the shifts we can expect over the next few decades

* Nurse Shortage Pushes Hospitals Into the Gig Economy

Consumer Inflation FightersCompanies poised to benefit as consumers stretch the disposable spending dollars they do have:

* Americans Go Deeper Into Debt as They Use Buy Now, Pay Later Apps for Groceries

* Americans Have Nearly $1 Trillion in Credit Card Debt

* Consumers Expect Prices in Next Year to Climb by Most Since 2021 as Gas Costs Rise

Luxury Buying BoomTapping into aspirational buying and affluent buyers amid rising global wealth:

* Bain & Company started the year by publishing the latest Bain-Altagamma Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study

* Luxe Digital published its forecast for 2023 and gave us some things to look out for

* Luxury goods seen as thriving worldwide by 2030

* Cucinelli Raises Sales Growth Forecast for 2023

Recent Thematic Signals

* Thematic Signals Vol. 7, #8 - Seasons change but strong thematic signals persist

* Thematic Signals, Vol 7, #7 - Talking Solar with Brian Roth, CEO of Three Sixty Solar

* Thematic Signals, Vol 7, #6 - Rising Retirement Ages, Inflation, Ransomware, Microbes... and RDJ?

* Thematic Signals, Vol 7, #5 - So many thematic confirmation points to share... yet again!

Tematica Thematic Indices

* Foxberry Tematica Research Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Index

* Foxberry Tematica Research Sustainable Future of Food Index

* Tematica BITA Cleaner Living Sustainability Screened Index

* Tematica BITA Data Privacy and Digital Identity Index

* Tematica BITA Digital Infrastructure & Connectivity Index

* Tematica BITA Big Spenders & Savers Index 

* Tematica Research Thematic Dividend All-Stars Index

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